Supercuts Price List

When it comes to Supercuts prices, oftentimes they beat the rest. Actually most times they beat out their competitors in terms of pricing for hair cuts and other styling. Depending on whether you want a wash, trim, color, highlights or all of the above the price will vary. Also the prices vary based off of the location you go to because the franchise locations are often privately owned. The best method would be to contact your local store and ask them for a price list run down.

You can do this by finding your local Supercuts Location by using the official website salon locator and calling them using the phone number you get. Make sure you call during the specified business hours so you can talk to a real person. I know for me living in California the average price for a haircut for adults is $14 and it costs up to three dollars more to get shampoo. Not sure on the trim price because I never really get a trim. I used to go to a competitor but the prices at Supercuts are much better.

Sometimes haircuts can run close to $100 if you go to the wrong place or order up expensive styling with costly products. Highlights can run you an extra $50 bucks on your bill if you go to the wrong person. But sometimes it is worth it to look beautiful. Depending on the location you may even be so happy that you end up leaving a large tip for your stylist, I know I do!  Here are the prices for my local store:

Haircuts – $15.00
Shampoos – $7.00
Conditioning Treatments – $12.00
Tea Tree Experience – $5.00
Blow Dry / Styling – $10.00 + price by hair length
Bang Trim – $7.00
Beard Trims – $7.00
Supercolor – Tips – $25.00+ all color services
Supercolor – Highlights – ”
Supercolor – Glazing – ”
Gray Blending – $25.00
** See your stylist for exact pricing.

Paul Mitchell
American Crew
Sexy Hair Concepts