Supercuts Coupon

Welcome to our Supercuts Coupon page. On our site we try to provide you with the best Supercuts coupons that are out at the time we find them. Hopefully they stay up to date and do not expire but when they do we will also replace them with new ones. Supercuts is a well known haircut company that prides themselves on their value, advice and style. They call these the “three supers” of their business. They believe that price should not be relevant when it comes to getting the style of hair that you want. Which is why they have such cheap priced hair cuts in almost every area of the United States. And if that’s not enough they offer coupons as well.

You may think that the only way they keep their prices so low is by skimping on the quality of their hair care products. But that is not the case. You can get high quality services such as tea tree treatments, highlights, and hair coloring all for low costs when you go to Supercuts stores. A lot of businessmen and women pride themselves on how they look. Oftentimes you’ll find that they get their hair cut even as much as twice a week just to stay looking in tip top shape at all times. The funny thing is that most of these people are paying $40 to $50 per haircut when there are a few smart people paying as low as $10 per haircut when they get these super deals.

If you’re wondering who started this chain, keep reading. The chain was started and owned by Regis Corporation who owns over 12,000 different franchise locations across the entire world. In 1975 a man named Frank Emmet and Geoffrey Rappaport started the first Supercuts salon in their local neighborhood in California. In 1979 they expanded into full on franchising opportunities. Regis Corporation later bought the company in 1996 for a hefty sum of cash.

The best way to score a Supercuts Coupon is to sign up for the email list on their website. Supercuts has an abundance of advertisements online and on TV and many opportunities to get great deals in their salons. Always make sure you check your coupon codes to make sure they are still active before you go into a salon and embarrass yourself. It’s hard to tell when they expire so you have to check them closely. Also some of the deals are only valid at certain locations so you need to make sure you go to the right store for the corresponding deal.